Beach Awards Selection Criteria

Additional information about the evaluation procedure

How does evaluate the beaches? uses trained beach testers (beach inspectors) who evaluate the beaches in person on site according to a standardised procedure. The beach testers spend one to two days digitalising and evaluating each beach and spend many hours there to gather as much information as possible for the various target groups.

What kind of data is gathered by the beach inspectors during the beach evaluation?

Our beach testers collect more than 120 pieces of data at the beach and take over 100 photos, together with more than 50 video clips. They also write a summary and a long description about their impressions and they conduct interviews with people who are in a position to judge the beach very well throughout the season.

What kinds of factors are evaluated?

We evaluate the infrastructure, the local surroundings and the overall impression of the beach, as well as numerous lifestyle factors. Here is a small sample of the data we collect: beach condition (e.g. sand: fine, very light-coloured), sanitary facilities (availability, for public use and/or in restaurants and bars, availability of showers), beach setting (natural, extent of buildings, located in town centre etc.), nationalities (which nationalities are most represented here), child friendliness (how do other beach holidaymakers react to families with small children?), flirt factor, visual beauty of the beach and numerous other aspects.

Can such an evaluation be objective?

Yes! We have described each of the over 120 items of data precisely and our beach testers are well trained to know how to evaluate the data at the locations. In addition, the evaluation shown on differs considerably from the data which we gather. An example of this is our family factor. It is not the case that a 26-year-old beach inspector just looks at the beach and evaluates it. For the family factor there are at least 15 factors which we see as important for families with small children. Here is a small selection to make this clearer: cleanliness of the beach and the water, danger (currents, size of waves), attitude of the other beach users towards small children (child-friendly?), facilities (toilets, showers, restaurants), lifeguards on duty, easy and safe access to the beach etc. In this way we can ensure that our results are not affected by subjective evaluation and that even though we use lots of beach inspectors, the results enable valid comparisons to be made.

How are the Award winners selected?

We gather over 120 pieces of data for each beach using a standardised collection and evaluation process. Each of the 1.595 beaches digitalised by Beach Inspector is evaluated using the same procedures every time. In addition we also record the visual beauty of a beach.

The choice of the AWARDS in the categories CLASSIC HOLIDAY, PARTY and WATERSPORTS

For the selection of the AWARDS in these categories we evaluated all of the important data for the categories and made a preliminary selection on the basis of a data analysis process. These pre-selected beaches then had to reach minimum points for “visual beauty” to qualify. The only exception is the WATERSPORT AWARDS which were evaluated in the sub-categories of kitesurfing, surfing and windsurfing.

The presentation of the AWARDS in the categories WOW BEACH and SPECIAL AMBIENCE BEACH

For these categories the visual beauty of the beach plays an important role. A beach which has been awarded the WOW AWARD by Beach Inspector has to fulfil every criterion, which means that almost everyone who has seen this beach will never forget it. These are special places where nature, the surroundings and the sea contribute to a perfect overall appearance which has the wow factor for everyone who sees it and where the beach will therefore be remembered for a very long time, if not forever. In addition, the entire Beach-Inspector team looked closely at all beaches with high scores in the category “visual beauty”. Photos, videos and evaluation reports were analysed in detail and discussed with the beach inspectors who were personally at these beaches. After several days spent carrying out this selection process, the 20 beaches were selected which were most deserving of the WOW AWARD. However, some beaches which we particularly liked do not fall into any of the above categories. These are generally smaller and not as well-known beaches where the beauty and the ambience stand out and where there is a combination of a nice clientele and creative, authentic gastronomy. These special beaches were recognised with a SPECIAL AMBIENCE AWARD.