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The holiday resort of El Cotillo can be found in the north-west of Fuerteventura. Until the middle of the 19th century El Cotillo was the principal trading port of Fuerteventura before Puerto del Rosario took over. Today there are only a few reminders of this past, such as the fortified tower of Castillo de El Tostón, built in 1743, which is situated south of El Cotillo at the steep cliffs of Piedra Playa beach.

In the last few years some hotels and apartment complexes have been built in and around El Cotillo. However the town is not filled with masses of tourists and you can still enjoy the quiet and idyllic atmosphere of a fishing village without being annoyed by street sellers and overcrowded tourist shops.

The beaches of El Cotillo include quiet bays suitable for relaxation and also ideal for families with small children, but at the same time with perfect conditions for surfing and kite-boarding. This unlikely combination is possible because of the contrasting types of beaches in El Cotillo. In the north are the white, sandy beaches of Playa de los Lagos, while in the south yellow, sandy beaches extend for several kilometres along the wild, steep cliffs.


Playas de los Lagos

The beaches in the north of El Cotillo are mostly quiet and are ideal for relaxing and carefree splashing about. The especially light, fine sand is a striking contrast to the black lava rock in which many small lagoons have been formed. You can find all sorts of beaches here, from remote, tiny bays to those catering for tourists with lots of amenities.

Caleta del Marrajo and Playas de Los Lagos are among the lightest coloured, sandy beaches of Fuerteventura and the bay of Playa de la Concha has the most visitors.The waves break at the rocks further out in the sea, meaning that the bays themselves are sheltered from the waves. In the lighthouse of Faro de Tostón at the north-west cape is a small fishing museum and you can also enjoy a wonderful, panoramic view from there.

Klippen bei  Cliffs at El Cotillo

The beaches south of El Cotillo are completely different to the ones in the north, as the waves here crash into the coast at full power with no rocks in the sea to slow them down. Here you can find long golden, sandy beaches, sheltered by the cliffs.

Relaxed swimming is not what you come here for, but instead the wind and waves provide excellent conditions for experienced surfers and kite-surfers, which is why the beach of Piedra Playa is one of the surfing hotspots of Fuerteventura. There are no beach bars or any other amenities at this beautiful, wild and natural beach.

The many small swimming bays north of El Cotillo right up to the lighthouse of Faro de Tostón are known as Los Lagos, which means "The Lakes”, as several crystal clear, turquoise lagoons have formed among the large lava rocks. These look like small lakes and are ideal for splashing about and snorkelling.

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"Beautiful lagoons, ideal for relaxation"

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"The pearl of El Cotillo"

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