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Wide avenues, white facades, lots of brass and palms, palms, palms! The surroundings of one of the longest beaches on Gran Canaria look almost like Palm Springs in California. And of course that's no accident. At the beginning of the 1960s the design for the town of Maspalomas and its beach won a contest held by the International Union of Architects – and the winning design was fully realised. Apart from a few shopping malls right by the Maspalomas lighthouse, the Faro, which have seen better days, and the slightly smaller beach of Meloneras to the west, the town, with its grey and white stone, still has a very exclusive look. On the stylish promenade at Playa de Maspalomas itself are sophisticated restaurants and lounges, and guests enjoy a latte macchiato or a cocktail in the beach clubs at the spacious hotel complexes. Beyond the beach, on the hillside, are modern town villas in the Spanish style, from whose pools and balconies the sea can be seen a few kilometres away. To this day Maspalomas retains its very individual flair and is unquestionably a distinctive example of modern leisure tourism.

However, Maspalomas is definitely not just a destination for the well-heeled! Around the beaches at Maspalomas are numerous hotels and apartment complexes, old and new, so that when it comes to accommodation, the visitor is spoilt for choice as regards price and amenities. The same is true of the restaurants, which get noticeably more economical just a few hundred metres from the beach. Altogether many places in the town offer excellent value for money, making it entirely suitable for a family holiday as well.

Whether you're here with your family, on your own, or as a couple, you should definitely not miss a trip to the dunes! This impressive mini-desert is to be found between Playa de Maspalomas and a group of hotel complexes. At La Charca Lake in the west you can settle down on one of the benches and watch the birds over the water and in the reeds. It's good that in 1897 the dunes were designated a nature conservation area, which means that they are being preserved for future generations. If you can, come here at sunrise or sunset for a truly impressive natural spectacle!

Quite close to the dunes you will find Kiosco Beach Bar (N7), the first port of call for getting to know new people. Maspalomas and its beaches are one of the absolute top destinations for the LGBT scene for good reason! The open, tolerant atmosphere and lively nightlife in the old Yumbo shopping centre attract gays and lesbians, both singles and couples, to Maspalomas. The Maspalomas Pride events are a special highlight: during the first two weeks of May and in November, shows and concerts take place every day all over the town and on the beach. On the designated sites the party never stops, and the rainbow flag of Canarian Pride flies high.

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