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  1. General information

Tel Aviv is on the west coast of Israel. This large city on the Mediterranean Coast has existed since 1901 and is known for its arts scene. In 1950 the harbour town of Jaffa, which is mainly inhabited by Muslims, became part of Tel Aviv which has since then been known as Tel Aviv-Jaffa. It has about 8.4 million inhabitants and is as colourful as the people living there, most of whom are of Jewish faith.

Holidays in Tel Aviv

The economy in Tel Aviv is dominated by the service sector, but tourism also plays a major role in this big city. It is a popular holiday destination especially for young people and also more recently for the gay community.  A large party scene and many trendy clubs and bars make Tel Aviv an attractive holiday destination. Artists and musicians in particular have settled in this culturally inspired metropolis.
On the other hand Tel Aviv is also an ideal place if you are looking for quiet and relaxation, as the beaches of the city are ideal for this. Tourists mainly arrive in Tel Aviv at Ben Gurion airport, which is also the most important airport in the whole of Israel. The city can easily be explored on foot or by bike and buses are also a popular means of transport. As an alternative you can take a taxi, which is not expensive in Tel Aviv.  As Israel is generally regarded as quite a dangerous country, there are often concerns about safety and it is worth getting tips and advice from your foreign office before you start your holiday. Generally though, Tel Aviv is seen as a safe Israeli city and tourists can enjoy their stay there.

Climate, weather, best time to travel to Tel Aviv

The summers in Tel Aviv are mostly very hot, while in winter it is milder and there is more rain. With an average temperature of 30 °C,  August is the hottest month of the year and the water temperature is then up to 26°C. The holiday season in Tel Aviv is between May and October and even the locals  give up swimming in the sea after October. Spring and late autumn are ideal for active holidaymakers to travel to Tel Aviv.  Generally spring is regarded as one of the best times to travel to Israel, when you can enjoy the country in its full glory.

The nicest parts of Tel Aviv

The modern flair of Tel Aviv attracts many visitors, but it is also the oriental influences and artistic elements which characterise the city. The architecture of Tel Aviv has been declared to be world cultural heritage by UNESCO and because of the more than 4000 houses built in Bauhaus style the city is also known as the “White City”.  In the streets you can submerge yourself into the world of street art and there are also many unique pieces of art by talented artists to be admired. If that is not enough, you can visit exhibitions and museums here and indulge in further modern art. For those interested in history, the Independence Hall Museum is the place to go to learn more about the history of the city up until independence. After taking in all these various impressions, the best place to relax is in one of the street cafés. Neve Tzedek is the oldest Jewish quarter of Tel Aviv and on Camel Market you can enjoy fruit and vegetables, aromatic spices and regional delicacies. One of the favourites is the world famous chickpea hummus. If you think Tel Aviv is varied and vibrant during the day, then you should definitely not miss out on the night life, which shows another side of the city. Party-goers and night owls can celebrate in the trendy clubs until the early hours of the morning. Before you catch up with some well-earned sleep you should try a traditional Israeli breakfast. This is a very sumptuous meal consisting of salad, eggs in all possible variations, different cheeses and bread. For those who prefer something a little more sweet, the Israelis also serve up fruit, jam and yoghurt.

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