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Haad Yang Beach

, Koh Phangan

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Summary of the Beach Inspectors
If you want to get away from the lively parts of Koh Phangan you should take a trip to the untouched east coast. Haad Yang Beach can be reached by boat, which you should book for the whole day, including the driver. The beach has been completely left to nature and there is nothing here apart from a lush green jungle, a wide sandy strip and wonderful clear water. Swimming is possible all year round, also with the higher waves in the winter months.

Haad Yang Beach - Isolated dream beach on the remote east coast

There are not many beaches on Koh Phangan which have no tourist infrastructure, but the very nice beach of Haad Yang on the wild eastern cost is one of them. This very remote beach can only be reached by boat and the journey here is rather an adventure. The best thing to do is get a boat in Than Sadet or Thong Nai Pan and make sure you bargain for a good price which should be around €40. It also makes sense to turn it into a day trip and see several beaches on this remote coast. On arrival in this beautiful bay you will see that there are no people around, but instead you will find a nice, wide sandy beach in front of an untouched, lush green jungle. Large rocks enclose the beach at both ends and the water is crystal clear and deep. The beach has been completely left to nature and there is no tourist infrastructure. On the beach itself there is only an ancient, derelict hut, but nobody lives here any more.

Unfortunately, at the beach and also in the jungle there is rather a lot of plastic rubbish which has probably been washed ashore by the sea and has never been removed. This is a typical problem of the untouched east coast. In spite of this though, this beach offers you a kind of Robinson Crusoe feeling, as it is very likely that you will not see another person here even in the main season.

Haad Yang is a hidden beach on the remote east coast where you can enjoy some peace and solitude. It is ideal for a day trip, but you should definitely take food and water with you!

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Every beach is unique. Apart from how the beach looks and its surroundings it is mainly the people and the amenities here which give the beach its character.
Relaxation: 5/10 points
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Although it can get a little busy, you will find a nice spot here where you can relax.
Family: 1/10 points
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No facilites and completely unsuitable atmosphere - this beach is not for families.
Water sports: 1/10 points
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No wind and no waves here mean that this is definitely the wrong place for water-sports enthusiasts.
Party: 1/10 points
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There is nothing going on at this beach and no party in sight for miles.

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