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Thong Lang Beach

, Koh Phangan

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Summary of the Beach Inspectors
There is nothing happening at Haad Thong Lang. This tiny, rather unusual beach is located between the popular beaches of Mae Haad und Chaloklum Bay and with its many stones has a natural, unspoilt, rustic appeal. As there is no tourist infrastructure here, there is often nobody or just a few people at the beach. This makes it an ideal destination for those who are longing for peace and quiet away from the busy, powdery sand beaches of Thailand.

Thong Lang Beach - Hidden beach for a peaceful time

If you have found the small beach of Thong Lang in the north of Phangan, you were definitely looking for complete tranquillity, You will not find any restaurants, water-sports providers or even people here, making it an ideal place to spend a few hours in solitude. There is a tiny sign to the beach for those coming from Chaloklum via the large ring road. At the turn-off the path gets worse and you will need to be very careful if you tackle this off-road adventure by scooter.

The beach does look like not the typical Thai beach and instead makes a rather rustic impression with its many stones and dead coral pieces. It is worth bringing appropriate footwear and, if you want to, you can also climb on the rocks at the southern end of the beach. Once you have got over the numerous stones, you will be rewarded with clearer water which is ideal for swimming and you can enjoy the peace and quiet

There are no hotels directly at the beach, but there is a private site on the hill where a lot of building work is going on at the moment. In the near future there will be accommodation available here.

Unfortunately next to the beach there is rubbish lying around, which is a sign of the missing tourist infrastructure here, but Thong Lang Beach is still a nice place if you are looking for complete tranquillity.
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Thong Lang Beach is suitable for
Every beach is unique. Apart from how the beach looks and its surroundings it is mainly the people and the amenities here which give the beach its character.
Relaxation: 5/10 points
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Although it can get a little busy, you will find a nice spot here where you can relax.
Family: 1/10 points
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No facilites and completely unsuitable atmosphere - this beach is not for families.
Water sports: 1/10 points
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No wind and no waves here mean that this is definitely the wrong place for water-sports enthusiasts.
Party: 1/10 points
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There is nothing going on at this beach and no party in sight for miles.

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geo coordinates: 9.798046, 99.988294
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geo coordinates: 9.798046, 99.988294
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  • sharp stones