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Alcúdia  - idyllic beach holidays in the North of Majorca

Alcúdia is also the name of both a district and a town in the north-east of Majorca. There are several other places which belong to the district, such as the beach of Alcúdia (Playa d’ Alcúdia) and the harbour of Alcúdia (Port d’ Alcúdia). Alcúdia has played an important role in the history of Majorca and is the most important holiday area in the north of the Balearic Island.

The old town of Alcúdia is surrounded by an old town wall. The inner wall originates from the Middle Ages and the outer walls were added in the Renaissance. This impressively beautiful fortress surrounds the historic old town, which was for around 500 years the capital of Majorca under Roman rule and witnessed during that time numerous lootings, conquests and changes of ruler.

However, nowadays holidaymakers can take a peaceful stroll along the romantic streets. They go window-shopping  at the art and fashion shops and take photos of each other in front of the two picturesque town gates. In the evening they enjoy meals outdoors in a chic setting in one of the restaurants which mostly serve typical local food.

The name Alcúdia comes from Arabic and means "hills", which gives a clue about the location of the town. It is situated on a mountain crest at the beginning of the Cap de Pinar peninsular, which otherwise is sparsely populated. It is a very nice day-trip destination with its wooded areas, hiking trails and viewing points. Also here is the small beach of Playa S’Illot, probably the most idyllic beach of Alcúdia.

To the north of the Cap de Pinar peninsular the bay of Pollença opens up. The sea here is shallow and the wind conditions are excellent, which makes it very popular with windsurfers and in particular with kite-surfers. In the west of the bay another beach of Alcúdia, the long, narrow, sandy beach of Bahia de Pollensa, stretches along half of the bay parallel to the street right up to the neighbouring town of Port de Pollença. Here you can find the beach which is the most popular with kite-surfers, not just in  Alcúdia but in the whole of Majorca. Further east is a small marina in Mas Pas and not far from there are some smaller beaches which are particularly popular with families, especially Playa de Sant Pere and Playa de Sant Joan.

South of the Cap de Pinar peninsular is the bay of Alcúdia. Here you will find the largest sandy area of the Balearic Islands, stretching from the harbour of Alcúdia and Playa de Alcúdia right along to Playa de Muro. This makes Alcúdia an especially popular choice for a beach holiday in Majorca. There is a wide variety of restaurants, cafés and bars at the harbour, from where you have a great view of the numerous anchored yachts. Many of these are to found near the promenade which starts here and extends for several kilometres along the two large beaches.

Along the two large beaches of Alcúdia is the holiday district where the vast majority of the tourists stay. The range of hotels, restaurants, water-sport and other leisure activities is enormous and there is something for everyone here. The beaches of Alcúdia are above all popular with families, but many young people also choose the beaches of Alcúdia as a destination to spend exciting and relaxed holidays.

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