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At the western tip of Majorca are the main town and district of Andratx and the harbour town of Port d’Andratx. This small former fishing village has developed into probably the nicest marina in Majorca and is one of the most popular natural marinas in the world with sailing boat and yacht owners. However, a huge role in the flair and authenticity of Port d’Andratx is still played by the  fishermen, together with their fishing boats, nets and of course their freshly caught fish, which is brought daily to the fish market near the harbour and directly to the kitchens of the many local restaurants along the harbour.



The harbour bay, which extends about one and a half kilometres inland, can accommodate over 500 boats, while particularly in summer many more yachts drop anchor in the sheltered harbour basin. Although the harbour forms the centre of the town, the other buildings here stretch around the bay along the coast up to the hills opposite and into the western foothills of the Tramuntana mountain range.

Port d’Andratx is a stylish and elegant holiday resort and prices are accordingly higher here, both in the numerous restaurants and bars, some of them very classy, and also in the small boutiques you will see if you stroll down Avenida Mateo Bosch. If you are lucky you might even spot some German or international celebrities out shopping or dining.

If it is nature, culture and action you prefer, there are still plenty good reasons why you should spend a day, or even your holiday in Port d’Andratx. For example, a lovely hiking trail leads from here via the neighbouring village of Sant Elm to the ruins of the monastery of La Trappa. Here from a height of 380 metres you have a great view of the coast and the Sa Dragonera dragon island, which is also well worth a visit for hikers and nature lovers.

For cyclists, the tour along the coastal roads in a picturesque setting is an ideal challenge and there is also a popular golf course in neighbouring Camp de Mar. Along the coast you can visit towers built in the Middle Ages to fight off attacks from pirates. The Castillo d’Andratx is also definitely well worth a visit.

The beaches of Port d’Andratx are not in the town and those with a yacht have a definite advantage, as the bays of the surrounding area can best be explored and enjoyed by boat. However, you can also reach the beaches of Port d’Andratx by car and the popular swimming beaches of Camp de Mar and Sant Elm are easy to get to and have a lot to offer for all ages.

In addition there are smaller, unspoilt natural bays in the surrounding area where you can enjoy plenty peace and quiet, relaxation and the remoteness in the middle of the idyllic natural surroundings here at the western tip of Majorca.

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