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Port de Sóller - picturesque and famous harbour village

Along the entire west coast of Majorca stretches the Tramuntana mountain range which in 2011 was declared a UNESCO world heritage site. Here, in the middle of the diverse scenery of rocks, canyons, streams and bays, is the harbour village of Port de Sóller. There is nowhere else on the island where you can combine beach and activity holidays in such in an idyllic setting.

Nature lovers and sports enthusiasts can enjoy the many nice walking trails in a beautiful setting here and if it is relaxation you are looking for, then you will find the remote, unspoilt natural bays perfect, well away from the hustle and bustle of the harbour town. If you are interested in culture and history, you can head inland to visit the Museo de Ciencias Naturales natural science museum, or the only botanical garden on the island which is in the centre of Sóller. If you simply fancy a traditional beach holiday with modest amenities and fantastic mountain scenery, then the beaches of Port de Sóller have everything you could wish for.

The shell-shaped bay, with its promenade lined with really nice cafés, restaurants and fashion boutiques, has a quite special charm of its own. An absolute highlight is the antique tram which runs along the entire promenade and connects the two longest, sandy beaches of the bay, namely Playa Port de Sóller and Playa d‘en Repic. Both of these town beaches of Port de Sóller have a very pleasant atmosphere and are ideal for a relaxed family holiday, being centrally situated and having a shallow, sandy shoreline. The older generation are also well represented here, soaking up the sun in this charming little resort on the west coast.

The historic tram route takes you from the harbour to the centre of Sóller, which is about four kilometres away and it is definitely worth seeing this charming little town. As well as the natural history museum and the botanical gardens, there is also the Sant Bartomeu church, which originates from the 13th century and combines styles from the gothic, baroque and romantic periods. It is worth discovering the history of this special place which was involved in tropical fruit trade with France and various invasions and battles in previous centuries, but you can also learn about the local farming families who went abroad to seek their fortunes and came back with rich treasures.

Without doubt the most stylish way to travel from Palma to this charming little town on the west coast is by taking the so-called "Orange Express“. This train line, built in 1912 to transport the region's most important export goods, has become one of the main tourist attractions in the west. This historic train takes you on a leisurely journey from Palma to Sóller through an extraordinary and enchanting landscape.

Beaches of Port de Sóller

The best way to reach the few remote bays of the coastal region around Port de Sóller is by hiring a car. South of the harbour town of Sóller is the small, stony bay of Cala Deía, which is next to a nature reserve and is very popular in spite of its stony surface. Rock caves and the excellent quality water make this beach a magnet for those who enjoy snorkelling and diving. Probably the best known viewing-point of Majorca is also not far from the small bay of Cala Deía. South of the forest-lined mountain landscape, the white pavilion which rises into the skyline is probably the most romantic place on the island and can be seen on numerous postcards and advertisements. The sunset here makes you feel as if you have been transported to a different world.

Situated north of Sóller, the bay of Cala Tuent is slightly bigger than Cala Deía but no less idyllic. From Port de Sóller it takes an hour by car along the winding roads in the Tramuntana mountain range, but on the way you will be rewarded with spectacular panoramic views. This natural gravel bay is surrounded by an impressive mountain range and has lots of space to enjoy relaxation in a quiet, natural setting. Not far from Cala Tuent is Cala de sa Calobra which is quite rightly one of the most popular day-trip destinations on the island. Dramatic rock formations surround this gravel bay and especially when the sun is setting Cala de sa Calobra reveals its natural beauty and becomes a magical place to be.

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