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The harbour town of Portocolom is situated quite centrally on the south-east coast of Majorca and has almost 5.000 inhabitants. This figure doubles however, when in the summer months holidaymakers from all over Europe pour into the southern part of the town around the bay of Cala Marçal.


Portocolom has the largest and most secure natural harbour of the island. The harbour is surrounded by the old town and the lighthouse at the harbour entrance has been the landmark of the town since 1863 and can be seen from practically anywhere around there. It has been the subject of many pictures and postcards and is an ideal point to aim for when enjoying a casual stroll through the town or along the promenade. The old town of Portocolom is seen by many as one of the best preserved town centres of Majorca, as it has managed to retain the traditional charm of a trading and fishing village in spite of the increase in tourism.

The harbour is still one of the most important fishing harbours of the island. From the 19th century it became the exporting harbour for the famous wines from Felanitx and then from the . 1960s onwards tourism became more and more important. As a result, in Portocolom and along the coast to both the north and the south many hotels and apartment blocks were built. However, in contrast to other Majorcan coastal areas, the building developments around the harbour town were not so concentrated or thoughtlessly constructed.

The beaches around Portocolom are mainly small, natural sandy bays which the tides have created by eating away at the coast to varying degrees. This also applies to Cala Marçal (mentioned above) which is right next to Portocolom to the south. However, this bay has lost some of its original, natural charm because of its ideal location for mass tourism and there are restaurants, a promenade, shops and several hotels to be found here. A few kilometres further south you will find the two dreamy bays of Cala Sa Nau and Cala Mitjana where you can completely relax in peaceful, idyllic surroundings. The beaches north of Portocolom are equally as nice and you should not miss out on the quiet bay of Cala Murada or the two sandy bays of Cala Es Domingos, which are busier but more family-friendly.

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