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Ras al Jinz Turtle Beach

Sur, Oman

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For all animal lovers and friends of nature! This beach is a real highlight, not for the bathing opportunities but because it is a breeding ground for giant turtles. At night you can see turtles laying their eggs and little turtles hatching. A really beautiful spectacle of nature.

Ras al Jinz Turtle Beach - Discover turtles

A real highlight, if you are in Oman, is the beach of Ras al Jinz. Here you will have the opportunity to see turtles in the wild. Under the supervision of guides. This is because the nature reserve is protected by the sultanate in order to create the perfect breeding conditions for the turtles. But qualified guides offer very interesting tours so that under their supervision, those who are interested can watch turtles laying their eggs or hatching. It's a wonderful spectacle of nature that should not be missed.

Unfortunately because the beach is a conservation area you can't enjoy the beach life that other beaches offer here. But that's the way it has to be. This is because the turtles need one thing above all - no noise disturbance from humans. This means tour participants must observe a number of rules, all for the protection of these phenomenal shelled animals. Unfortunately it's very rare to see turtles during the day because they only come out of the water in the evening to lay their eggs. But if you visit Ras al Jinz at the right time you will have the chance to see little baby turtles darting into the sea after hatching. A highlight for the whole family. A resort has been built next to the conservation area entrance in case you want to spend a few days in the area, but if you do you'll have to dig deep into your wallet. The turtle tour is not quite so pricey, so we definitely recommend it.

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Every beach is unique. Apart from how the beach looks and its surroundings it is mainly the people and the amenities here which give the beach its character.
Relaxation: 6/10 points
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At this well-equipped beach you can switch off and forget your day-to-day stress.
Family: 7/10 points
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The beach offers family-friendly facilites and is popular with young and old.
Water sports: 1/10 points
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No wind and no waves here mean that this is definitely the wrong place for water-sports enthusiasts.
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There is nothing going on at this beach and no party in sight for miles.

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