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The Acantilados de los Gigantes, the huge cliffs in the west of the island, are one of the most popular destinations for a day trip in Tenerife. The resort of Los Gigantes, named after the huge cliffs that reach up to five hundred metres high, belongs to the municipality of Santiago del Teide and is home to a harbour from which many jet ski, kayak and motor boat excursions depart to enjoy the allure of this natural monument up close from the water. Right next to the harbour lies the beach of Los Gigantes, Playa de Guios. To the south there are other attractive beaches and Los Gigantes lend an air of grandeur to their backdrop.

The rock massif looms next to the resort of Los Gigantes, and as in days gone by, the centre of the resort is still the harbour, which was once the linchpin of the fishing trade, the main source of livelihood for the residents. Nowadays harbour activities are focussed on the tourists, who come from far and wide to explore, in boats and on jet skis, the phenomenal landscape on offer here. Often the excursions are offered alongside snorkelling trips or trips where, with a little luck, you can see dolphins and whales.

Some of the buildings in the small centre of the resort of Los Gigantes are still in typical Canarian style. However, many new buildings have been added and the resort has grown quite substantially in the last few decades. In addition to hotels, there are also lots of holiday apartments, which are mainly used by Brits to escape the English winter.

You can also reach the cliffs of Los Gigantes overland, but this option is only recommended for active visitors who love hiking. You should expect the walk to take at least two hours and to be steep and a bit slippery here and there. Sturdy footwear is a must if you want to admire the cliff faces from above. A popular hiking tour takes in the Bay of Masca, which according to legend was once used by pirates as a hiding place. From here you can be picked up by boat and taken back to Los Gigantes. Between the cliff faces there are also a few other small bays, which can only be reached by water.

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