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Whether you want parties, nature pure, family-friendly, nudism or dog beaches - we personally check out the many different beaches around the world and present them to you here.

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We combine the two most important places for your beach holiday - your hotel and your beach - to help you to find the right hotel at your perfect beach.

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Beach-Inspector is the world's first comprehensive information platform for beaches and offers you a unique search for travel and hotel offers in combination with beach characteristics. Trained Beach-Inspectors are on the road for you to capture and evaluate beaches professionally and authentically. Thanks to thousands of package holidays and beach hotels, planning your own beach holiday is child's play. just like our slogan states: "The best hotel at the best price on your perfect beach". From the Baltic Sea via Mallorca to Mauritius – we have already captured and evaluated more than 1,500 beaches in over 50 holiday areas for you.

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Beaches are as varied as the holiday wishes of the travellers. Beach-Inspector does not only answer obvious questions like the quality of beach and water, or the infrastructure on site. Thanks to insider tips from Locals, we can also tell you how child-friendly a beach is, who's right next to you under the parasol or how high the relax or flirt factor is. The information is not compiled by other users or researched on the Internet. Because we test every beach personally on site - with trained beach inspectors. With us you get (almost) all information about your favourite beaches – fast, clearly structured, with high quality pictures and videos produced by us on site for each of the more than 1,500 beaches. Just try it out on the example of our 97 beaches in Majorca.

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On a beach holiday, three points are usually decisive for a successful vacation: the right hotel, an attractive price, the right beach. If these points are in line with your preferences and desires and if you can compare prices of providers with ease, the basis for your individual and comfortable holiday planning is laid. How simple it is, you can see at a hotel search on Majorca.

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Even though we have collected and evaluated all the beaches ourselves – your opinions, experiences and adventures about and at beaches are very important to us. On every beach you can find the opinion of other users and thus get a really good picture. Of course, we are especially happy if you take part and review beaches yourself!

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