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Almost everywhere you go in the world you will find a "Little Venice", inspired by the style and maze of canals typical of the Italian harbour town. In our opinion, Gran Canaria's own “Venice” can compete with other water towns on equal terms! The tiny houses in the picturesque little fishing village of Puerto de Mogán in the west of Gran Canaria cling to the slopes of a large valley in the south-west of the island. Even today no building is allowed to be more than two storeys high, so it is likely to retain its village character for the foreseeable future. The canals between the marina and the fishing port are spanned by numerous arches, and the water flows under people's homes, giving you the impression that you could walk across the water yourself. Puerto de Mogán is unequivocally our favourite alternative to the tourist stronghold round about Maspalomas - particularly for travellers who want to experience more of the "genuine" Gran Canaria without having to forgo good infrastructure.

Today Puerto de Mogán is very popular with older, active visitors because of the many leisure activities on offer. From the marina, for instance, you can sail along the coast or go fishing on one of the local fishing boats. Younger people enjoy diving, and for families the highlight is a trip on the Yellow Submarine, a genuine submarine. This lets even the smallest visitors experience the unique underwater world of Gran Canaria at close range. Shopping fiends look forward eagerly to the end of the week, because every Friday this otherwise fairly easy-going town leaps to life, as the weekly market brings artists, farmers and craftsman from all over the island to the market stalls in Puerto de Mogán.

However, whatever the day of the week, an afternoon stroll round this little town is always worthwhile. The houses on the canals in the Little Venice at the harbour are lovingly bedecked with flowers and plants and the roof terraces are ablaze with deep red hibiscus blossom and lush green palm fronds. Here at the water's edge there is a large selection of small restaurants serving freshly caught fish daily. On the other side of the Avenida de la Castillete you will find the old town centre with its narrow alleyways and steep stone steps. The little cottages date from a time when Puerto de Mogán was just a sleepy fishing village. Back then the boats were launched straight from the beach, since the harbour was not built until much later.

If you'd like to stay close to the original heart of the town, you would be best to look for accommodation in the "Spanish quarter". The guest houses here are reasonably priced and very attractive. The accommodation right by the harbour is slightly more expensive. Here you can rent a whole flat with a roof terrace and a view out over the jetties to the Atlantic. With a glass of wine in your hand, you can sit here in the evening and wait for an incomparable sunset. Sunny days and magical nights – the essence of a beach holiday here in the west of Gran Canaria!

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