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Haifa is a large city in the north of Israel. After Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, it is the third largest city with around 270,000 inhabitants. Haifa’s history goes back to the middle of the 18th century and it is these days a very multicultural city.  Apart from Jews, there are also Muslims, Christians and people of other religions living the city of Haifa. The Bahai faith is especially connected with Haifa, as the city is seen as the world centre of this religious community.

Holidays in Haifa

Haifa is known as an industrial city and is popular with students with its two universities. In addition it has a harbour which is the largest in Israel. There is a good tourist infrastructure and families are particularly impressed by the variety of things to do in Haifa. In contrast to Tel Aviv the party scene here is not that extensive, but there several bars and clubs where you can enjoy the nightlife.  You will find accommodation in the city in every price category, from hostels to hotels, and you can choose between beach hotels with a view of Mount Carmel or hotels on the slopes  with a view of the bay of Haifa. The metropolis shows itself at its best from all angles and is generally regarded as a safe holiday destination. In spite of the variety of religions and ethnic groups, people live together very peacefully. German tourists will even find some of their own culture, as there is a "German Colony“  in Haifa, because the city was once inhabited by German Christians.

Climate, weather, best time to travel

Haifa mostly has a pleasantly warm climate. With an average temperature of 28 °C,  August is the hottest month of the year and the water temperature climbs then to around 26°C. Although you can travel to Haifa all year round, in winter there is much more rain with an average temperature of a mild 13 °C.  Spring and autumn are good times to come to Haifa and they are also the right times for activity holidaymakers as well as sightseeing tourists.  For those planning a beach holiday, the  summer months are when you can make the most of the warmth that Haifa has to offer.

The nicest parts of Haifa

Haifa is situated on the northern slope of Mount Carmel and therefore parts of the city are situated on different levels. A popular trip destination is to the Hanging Gardens of Bahai on Mount Carmel. You can visit these gardens, which are a symbol of peace, without any advance booking and enjoy a guided tour in several languages free of charge. In the middle of the gardens is the shrine of Bab which is an important pilgrimage site of the Bahai faith.

The hanging gardens and the shrine of Bab are part of the UNESCO world heritage and this impressive sight is a must for any holidaymaker in Haifa. In addition there are many other holy sites and buildings, such as the church and the Stella Maris monastery and also the world famous Elijah’s Cave.

A city like Haifa is naturally home to several museums. One of them is the Israeli National Museum for Science, Technology and Aerospace where there is a lot to see for everyone, but children in particular will enjoy it here as there is so much to explore. Another highlight is the zoo of Haifa where you can see not only over 100 different species of animals and plants, but also enjoy a unique view of the city. Haifa also has plenty to offer when it comes to gastronomy and shopping. Ben-Gurion Avenue and Moriah Avenue are popular shopping streets where shopping enthusiasts will feel at home. From the 400-metre long Louis Promenade you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city and the bay of Haifa. As Haifa is not far from other popular destinations in Israel, it is a convenient starting point for various trips, for example to Nazareth. Tel Aviv is also only about an hour away by car and you can reach the town of Tiberias at the Sea of Galilee in about an hour and 40 minutes.

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