Playa de la Caleta
Playa de la Caleta is not one of the most attractive beaches, as it is not comfortable to lie on and does not have the right conditions for swimming or water-sport activities. The beach is only good for advanced surfers in the winter months. Families should look elsewhere for a beach, since there are no toilets, showers or lifeguards and swimming by the stony slope can be dangerous. Nevertheless, Playa de la Caleta has beautiful scenery and although it is not an essential place to visit, if you happen to be nearby, you can enjoy a walk and a refreshing dip in the sea here.

Playa de la Caleta - A steep stone bay in a residential area, more suitable for locals

Playa de la Caleta is found in the town of La Caleta de Interián in the north-west of Tenerife. The almost 250-metre long beach is completely made of rock, which leads from a very steep slope down to the water. Above the rocks there is a small promenade, which has been nicely decorated with plants in parts, but there are no shops, bars and restaurants to be found here. On the edges of the bay the waves crash impressively against the rocks. In the background the beautiful church of La Caleta can be seen.

The slope and the large rocks make the way down to the water somewhat difficult, as it is very slippery and great care has to be taken when walking, particularly when carrying bags. The rocks on the edge of the bay are also slippery in parts. Lying down on the exposed rocks is uncomfortable and you should bring something comfortable to lie on. The way into the water also has to be taken carefully and sturdy footwear is recommended. However, the swimming conditions are not bad and if you don't insist on hurling yourself into the waves, you can walk a few metres into the water and find it pleasant to swim there.

Playa de la Caleta is not really suitable for water-sports. Only in winter are the conditions good for surfing and then it is only recommended for advanced surfers. Parents with small children will not be able to relax here due to the risk of injury on the steep slopes. There are also no toilet facilities here.

Anyone whose accommodation is nearby has a reasonable option here for a day at this beach, which doesn't cater for mass tourism. However you need to be prepared and to bring something comfortable to lie on, suitable footwear and your own food with you. On weekdays you will find a quiet, sparsely populated beach, but at the weekend and on public holidays when the locals come here, it can get somewhat fuller.

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Every beach is unique. Apart from how the beach looks and its surroundings it is mainly the people and the amenities here which give the beach its character.
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There is nothing going on at this beach and no party in sight for miles.

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