Playa de los Roques
The natural surroundings of Playa de los Roques are the real attraction here, with the rocks in the sea and the lush green background offering a real feast for the eyes. For nature lovers this place is a highlight and a must when visiting the north coast of Tenerife. The beach is not really suitable for swimming or sun-bathing, as the currents and waves can be strong and the surface is uncomfortable to lie on. Also, there is potential danger from rocks breaking off the cliff and crashing onto the beach. However, if you do not want to let this put you off and still want to enjoy the water in a natural setting, then extra care should be taken here.

Playa de los Roques - Breath-taking rock scenery in the sea

In the north-west of Tenerife two giant rocks emerge from the sea to give this beach its name. The crashing of the waves against the rocks is a breath-taking spectacle and it is well worth spending some time here.

The beach itself and the hills above it are part of a nature reserve. A solid track leads from one bay to the next and this is used daily by hikers heading from one natural attraction to the next. From the track a path leads down to the beach.

In the background of the beach is another highlight, namely a giant cliff face which partly protrudes over the beach. This is the reason why access to the beach is sometimes not permitted, due to the danger of falling rocks. If you choose to ignore the warning and go down to the beach anyway, it is at your own risk and you should stay as close to the sea as possible.

Playa de los Roques is a quite wide and large stony beach with a great view and plenty of space. If you want to spend some time here, however, we recommend that you bring something soft to sit on, as the stony surface can be rather uncomfortable. Beach footwear is also recommended, as otherwise making your way into the sea can be uncomfortable and even hazardous.

Although the bay is relatively sheltered, the waves and currents can be quiet strong. There are no lifeguards here and swimming can be only recommended for experienced swimmers. Playa de los Roques is definitely not suitable for water-sports and there are no amenities here.

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Every beach is unique. Apart from how the beach looks and its surroundings it is mainly the people and the amenities here which give the beach its character.
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At this well-equipped beach you can switch off and forget your day-to-day stress.
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The beach as well as the atmosphere of the location are not appealing for families.
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No wind and no waves here mean that this is definitely the wrong place for water-sports enthusiasts.
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There is nothing going on at this beach and no party in sight for miles.

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